Access conditions

The first condition of access to BattleKart concerns the height: each player must be at least 1,45m tall to have access to the helm, in complete safety. In case of doubt, the staff reserves the right to refuse the access to the game and measure the player by using a metric.

The second condition of access concerns the physiological and psychomotor control of the kart. Each player has to have enough psychomotor reflexes in order to coordinate the accelerator, the brakes, the direction and the interaction in the environment and with the other karts. If the moderators notice that a player fail at controlling the kart and is dangerous for the other players, the staff as well as the material, the direction of BattleKart authorize the interruption of the race and the accompanying of the player to the boarding area.

Moreover, our karts are not adapted for people who do not have the mobility of their two legs.


Furthermore, it exists several contraindications to the practice of the activity BattleKart:

  • BattleKart is prohibited to whom are suffering from back and neck problems, epileptic people and pregnant women;
  • People who are suffering from heart disease should not take part in the activity;
  • Although the karts have succeeded in the EMV tests – German version of the electromagnetic compatibility test (EMC). Due to the
  • magnetic field produced by the motors, we do not recommend the activity to people who have a pacemaker;
  • We recommend to people who have fragile eardrums to wear earplugs;
  • The access to the activity can be difficult and uncomfortable for people who have broad hips;
  • Strictly forbidden to take part in the activity under the influence of alcohol or drugs.


Several rules need to be respected before entering the game and during the race:

  • Obligation to tie back long hair (elastics can be provided);
  • Obligation to attach your glasses if you need to wear it during the race (elastics can be provided);
  • It is forbidden to wear loose clothing or scarves which can be blocked in the wheels of the kart;
  • Obligation to keep your arms and legs inside the kart during the whole race;
  • It is prohibited to voluntary cause a physical contact between the karts;
  • It is prohibited to touch the loaders of the karts;
  • It is forbidden to walk on the tracks as a pedestrian;
  • It is forbidden to walk in the stands without the moderator’s authorization;
  • It is prohibited to get in/out the kart without the moderator’s authorization.