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You dreamed to immerse yourself body and soul in a video game? BattleKart fulfilled your wish!

With BattleKart, you don't play video games, but IN the video game!

BattleKart is the quintessence of video games, augmented reality and electric karting, brought together to give you new sensations with friends, family or colleagues! Above all, it is one of the largest cinema screens in the world (two 2,000 m2 tracks) on which we project different circuits and game modes, and on which you really move at full throttle in an electric kart, while interacting with the set, the bonuses, and the other drivers.

It's not just a virtual reality headset.
It's not a race simulator.
This is not a video game where you play without moving on a big screen.
It's not a kart race like any other.

Collect the bonuses by rolling on the virtual boxes that litter the circuit, drop a puddle of oil (virtual too) behind you and avoid those of the other competitors, slow down your opponents with the machine gun, missiles... And while driving, avoid bullets and do not cut the circuit: you would be braked in your progress towards the final victory !
The BattleKart complex (Mouscron) welcomes you to a 5000m² space, with 2 tracks of 2000m2, with the possibility of simultaneously playing 12 karts on each one. Our raised central bar offers spectators a breathtaking view of the games played on each of these two tracks. 

We welcome you in French, Dutch and English.

The bar and sanitary facilities are accessible to people with reduced mobility.

Free parking is available.

Unreal? No, it's just BattleKart, and it's unique in the world!

The activity is allowed from 1.45m (below 1.45m, players will not have access to the pedals and will therefore not be able to play safely).

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