What are the opening hours?
The opening hours can be found on the this page.  

Are there any age/height/weight restrictions?
You can take part in BattleKart if you are over 14 years old, and if you are at least 145cm tall, as long as you can comfortably reach the pedals. Those of a larger build, weighing over 120kg, may find it difficult and uncomfortable to take part in the activity. 

Can more than 6 players take part in a race?
Yes! Since September 2017, we have been able to offer you games with up to 12 players on the same track. However, we recommend that you race with no more than 10 players to get the most out of your game! 

Which upcoming games can I see on the website?
You can search for the games available during our opening hours over the next 40 days on the ‘Games’ page

How can I find the right game for me?
The ‘Games’ page has a search function which allows you to select the games to suit you. It is worth noting that the prefix in front of the name of the game indicates its type (for more information, please visit the ‘Packages and Prices’ page). 

How can I book my game?
When you find a game to suit you, simply click on the ‘Details’ button to see all of the information about the game. To sign up to the game, please click on the ’Register’ button and follow the registration process.

Why can’t I sign up to a game?
A player may not be able to sign up to a game if the game is already full, if the game specifies a level which the player has not reached, or if this game can only be joined from the registration terminals. 

How can I invite my friends to sign up to a game that I’ve joined?
During the registration process, if you agree to cover the full payment, you can register your friends directly using the email address that they have linked (or will link) to their BattleKart profile. They will be notified immediately with an email, asking them to confirm their registration on the BattleKart website. Please note that it is currently impossible to change the recipient of an invitation. Please also note that, for security reasons, the confirmation process is mandatory. You can share the URL of your game with your group members so that they can sign up individually. Where this is the case, please bear in mind that other, more responsive players may fill up this game before your entire group has signed up.

When should I arrive if my game is already booked?
Have you registered for the first game of the day? If so, you can arrive 10 minutes before the go-kart boarding time specified in your game details. For your very first visit to BattleKart, you must arrive 30 minutes before the start time for a compulsory briefing. From your second game onwards, you can arrive at the go-kart boarding time, but this is at your own risk. If you are late (to the go-kart boarding or the briefing), you will be unable to take part in your activity. 

What should I bring/wear?
There is no dress code. However, players must not wear scarves or loose clothing which could get caught in the go-kart wheels. White clothing is not recommended. Make sure that you secure your glasses, if necessary (glasses cords are available to purchase for €1 on site). Since the tracks are heated to between 10 and 12°C, we recommend that you wear a jumper in winter.

Why do I have to pay in advance?
You need to pay in advance when making a booking. After a number of bookings were never taken up, the BattleKart team felt compelled to ask for advanced payment, to ensure that slots were not reserved for people who would not attend, and who were thus depriving other players of the BattleKart experience. 

Why isn’t a deposit enough to make a booking?
Settling the bill in one go allows us to avoid payment errors (e.g. charging you for an extra share) which may occur if separate payments are processed. Especially if we have to deduct the deposit, add the share of the person who is not paying (e.g. for his/her stag/hen party or birthday), and keep a list of your friends who have paid, in order to avoid charging you for those who may have forgotten to pay for their share (we’re speaking from experience). This also allows us to avoid holding you up with this process.

Equally, we need to manage the schedule as effectively as possible and, in extreme cases, avoid needlessly booking tracks and allocating staff for those who drop out... 

Which payment methods are accepted?
You can pay on this website using the HiPay platform (with a debit/credit card, Bancontact, Visa, Mastercard, Maestro) and PayPal. At the facility, you can pay by card or in cash. Cheques are not accepted. 

Will my payment be secure on the website?
When you top up your account, you will be redirected to HiPay to carry out your secure transaction. 

Where can I find my transaction details (invoice, debit/credit card receipt, and other forms of payment confirmation)?
For individuals, all completed transactions can be viewed on our website, once you log into your account in the ‘Your Profile’ section.  The breakdown of these payments and the invoices can be downloaded in PDF format. 

Personal and consumer data protection
This website complies with personal data protection legislation, as well as that which relates to consumer awareness and protection. 

What should I do if I forget my account password?
Click on ‘Forgotten your password?’ on the login screen, and then enter and confirm your email address. A new password will be sent to you.

Please note: the password recovery email may be hidden in your junk mail folder. 

What is my player progress profile?
As described on the page, ‘The Game’, each player can see how his/her profile progresses. Yet, there is still a level playing field for both beginners and more experienced players! Taking on players who are far more advanced than you will make for a more exciting game, allowing you to gain player experience, whilst giving you a real chance of winning.


Which time slots are available?
Groups and companies are able to book the activity outside of the opening hours offered to the public. 

How can I book?
Please contact our Business Development Manager with your request; you will receive a prompt reply, with the most suitable offer to match your requirements, as well as a detailed quote. For businesses, all necessary information is included on the invoice provided at the time of the booking.

What is the name of the operating company?
BattleKart Belgium SCRL, located on Rue du Valemprez 20A, 7711 Dottignies (company number: BE0539758973). 

What is the name of the billing company?
BattleKart Belgium SCRL, located on Rue du Valemprez 20A, 7711 Dottignies (company number: BE0539758973).

Where can I stay in the area?
You will find a variety of accommodation options in this document.

You can also check out the hotels around Mouscron and the hotels in the Lille region on TripAdvisor.

Where can I eat nearby ? 
L'Ambition (restaurant)
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