BattleKart : the game

Players compete on a game that may contain multiple rounds; the final result of the game is then given by the general classification obtained by accumulating the points won in the different rounds. Rounds can be totally different from one another by offering game modes / parameters and a wide variety of circuits.


A game takes place in different stages:

The briefing. It gives the player basic information as well as safety instructions. The briefing is mandatory for any player.
Boarding.It marks the beginning of the game. During this stage, players are invited to take a stand in their vehicle. If a player registered for the game is not present at the boarding, the game will start without him.
The vote. Players may be able to select from 2 to 3 different games that are different in game mode, circuit or various settings. The proposal winning the majority of the votes will be played.
The positioning. Players are invited to position themselves for the start. If a player is not correctly positioned, he will be punished for a few seconds at the start.
The game.
The return to the pits. Players are invited to join the stands.

Naturally, the stages of the rounds (from the vote to the game) are repeated as many times as there are rounds in the game.

A round is characterized by a game mode, by specific parameters (duration, number of players ...) as well as by the map on which the players will compete.