The strength of BattleKart lies in the use of bonuses, projected on the track, which you can recover and use at the expense of your opponents!

Other bonuses are under development and will soon be integrated to further boost the dynamics of the game!

Gamemode : BattleRace
Very slow speed for the kart hit for a very short time.

Gamemode : BattleRace
Immediate loss of control for the kart reached.

Gamemodes : BattleRace, BattleFoot, BattleSnake, BattleColor
Strongly boosts the kart and allows to cross the different textures (sand, grass, water ...) without being slowed down. It fades after a few seconds or when the player is hit by an attack.

Gamemodes : BattleRace, BattleColor
Stop the kart hit for a few seconds.

Gamemode : BattleRace
Ensures the immunity of the kart. It fades as soon as it receives an attack.