Different ways to compete !

Other modes are already under development and will see the light of day very soon.

BattleKart offers several modes that define the rules and objectives of the game.



Map type : Circuit
Status : available

A crazy race, where you use the bonuses scattered on the track to gain speed (turbo) or slow down your opponents (missiles, oil puddle, etc.). The winner is the player who has completed the most laps at the final gong. Do not cut into the grass, or you will be slowed down and your turn might not be counted!


Map type : Grid Pattern
Status : Available

Over a fully gridded track, drive to cover the ground with your colour, which will be left behind your kart like a trail. The team that colours the most boxes takes the victory! As soon as you have coloured 10 successive squares, use your bonuses (boost or missile) against your opponents!

Map type : Stadium
Statut : Available

In their kart, players try to send the ball (virtual) into the goal of the opposing team. The winning team is the one with the most goals within the time limit. Be quick, and think strategically to counter attacks....

Map type : Field
Status : Available

Glean the colourful fruits that appear randomly on the track and lengthen the tail behind your kart... But above all do not touch the edges of the track or your opponents’ train, or you will lose everything... the fruits of your efforts!

Map type : Circuit
Status : bêta-test

In powerful karts, you operate the steering wheel, throttle and brake to control slides and do a series of circuit sections while being the fastest. Do not cut the track, and do not forget the doughnuts (360 degree skids), otherwise your feats will not be timed!