Internal rules

Art.1. Each person or group of people who enters the enclosure of BattleKart has to submit completely to the internal rules and its expansion (general conditions of sale, access conditions, …) and to the posters and pictograms that are present on the complex. Each visitor or group of visitors has to obey to the instructions and guidelines that are given by the direction and the staff, on the car park, at the bar as well as on the tracks and its surroundings.

Art.2. BattleKart is accessible to the public depending on the schedule which is displayed at the entry of the complex or on our website

Art.3. Except in case of exception authorized by the direction, nobody can access the tracks if he is not previously registered in a race and do not have an entrance ticket for this race. 

Art.4. The member card delivered by BattleKart is personal. The owner has to prove his identity at the request of the direction or the staff. Each transgression will be punished by the immediate confiscation of the card. Each player can use his BattleKart credit by using his member card. BattleKart has no responsibility regarding the loss of theft of the player’s card.

Art.5. The direction can always order a provisional or final closing of the complex, for technical reasons or case of force majeure. Nobody will benefit from compensations or damages.

Art.6. The access to the buildings is forbidden:

  • For people with domestic animals (excepting guide dogs for blind people, on presentation of an appropriate card;
  • For drunk or abnormally agitated people ;

  • For people under the influence of psychoactive substances;

  • For people in a state of evident uncleanliness;

  • For children under 12 years old, if they are not under adult supervision. A written consent of the parents is necessary; 

Art.7. It is forbidden to smoke inside the complex including in the panoramic bar.

Art.8. Inside BattleKart and on its terrace, it is forbidden to consume beverages or food that are not coming from the bar. It is also forbidden to bring food and beverage (even if it comes from the bar) beyond the glass doors that lead to the boarding area.

Art.9. It is forbidden to upset the other players by making gesture or acts that are not in accordance with the respect of others and a good practice of a sport activity.

Art.10. BattleKart is a complex dedicated to the entire family. Therefore, the direction reserves the right to exclude a player who do not have a behavior in accordance with the morality described in the Belgian law. It concerns each posture, gesture or attitude with a sexual/ obscene character. As far as the photo booth is concerned, each picture showing nudity or other inappropriate behavior will be deleted by the BattleKart staff. Those pictures will not be published on Facebook or send to the client, even on demand.

Art.11. The direction of BattleKart is not responsible for any accident caused by the clients/players inside the complex and on the car park. Those will be responsible for the caused damage towards other people, the material and the premises.

Art.12. The direction and the staff of the exploitation are not responsible for losses, thefts, disappearances or damage caused on objects such as glasses or clothes belonging to the players/clients. The players can put their personal belongings in secured lockers that are available for free during the whole race. Elastics are available to put long hair up and tie your glasses.

BattleKart is not responsible in case of theft or deterioration of the vehicles that are parked on the car park of the complex.

Art 13. BattleKart is not a daycare for your children. Make sure you have someone to monitor your children who can not play during your game.

Art.14. In case of non-compliance with one of another point of this regulation, the player can be excluded from the race without reimbursement or any other form of compensation. BattleKart reserves the right to exclude from the complex any person who do not respect this regulation

Art.15. Without prejudice of an eventual judicial review, the direction of BattleKart will judge what will happen, if applicable, for each case which is not listed in this regulation. Each claim or suggestion has to be written and sent to the direction.

Art.16. This regulation will be visibly and permanently shown inside the establishment.

Art.17. In case of serious disputes, only the courts of Tournai have jurisdiction.