Do you want to open a Battlekart center?

BattleKart is an ultra-innovative hobby, the only one of its kind which uses patented technologies. Combining the very real sensations of electric karting and the fun of augmented reality, BattleKart offers players an unbeatable experience and is therefore a high-potential recreational activity. It’s an attractive investment for those who want to create their own Battlekart centre!

The first BattleKart centre opened in July 2015 in Dottignies, Belgium, 20 minutes from Lille; since its launch two years ago, it has welcomed more than 50,000 different players! In September 2017, a temporary BattleKart track assembled in one week in an exhibition hall in Lausanne attracted more than 3,000 players in just ten days...

Do you want to open a BattleKart franchise centre and develop your own business? This is now possible, and we will assist you with professionalism and enthusiasm during the different stages to be completed between the idea, the project, its implementation and the operation of the centre.

Before that, and for further information, the team at BattleKart Europe SA, a Belgian company registered with the company number 0525.657.054 at BCE, thanks you for completing the detailed form below. We will contact you with great pleasure after receiving your information.

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Opening a battlekart centre requires a minimum investment of 500,000 euros, 30% of which private equity capital.
Do you already have this financial capacity (150.000 euros), alone or with partners and funders? *
Battlekart is an indoor activity that requires a building with a minimum area of 2.500m² (for 1 track) or 4.000m² (for 2 tracks) and at least 35m x 60m, without pillars or obstacles (for every track).
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